freckled love

A  long, long time ago in a land far, far away called Second Grade, there lived a delightful, red-headed girl with freckles named, Zoë.

Zoë loved Second Grade and all that was there.It was indeed a magical place of laughter, joyful play and discovery all thanks to the ruler of the kingdom, Mrs. Boyum.

Also living in the land of Second Grade was this boy named Chase. Zoë liked Chase. She liked Chase a lot. She liked Chase so much that he was arguably her first crush. But alas, Chase did not feel the same way for Zoë. He explained to Zoë that he just could not love a girl with freckles on her face.

Poor Zoë!

Much time passed and Zoë was now a delightful young lady with auburn curls and lots of freckles. She moved far away to a magical place called Monterey Bay in search of more discovery and adventure. There she met a handsome, young prince named Josh. Josh liked girls with freckles, especially he liked the freckle-faced girl named Zoë.

And Zoë realized that she liked even more the handsome prince named Josh.

Looks like Chase’s loss is Josh’s gain.

Lucky, lucky Josh!



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