overheard under the Big Top #627

Daniel and I are cuddled together on the sofa watching Marley & Me


Perhaps it is too soon to watch such a story so soon after losing a furry member of the family. Oh well, add that to the bad mommy column.

Holly & Hazel - 24 weeks

But back to the movie…cuddled with me on the sofa Daniel comments about a very pregnant Jenny Grogan, played by Jennifer Aniston: “I’m glad that I didn’t want to be a girl when I was born.”

Mom: “Well it pretty much was decided that you would be a boy even before you were born.”

Daniel: “I know. But I’m glad I was a boy cuz girls have to have babies and it hurts to have babies.”

Oh darling if you only knew…

Mom: “You’re right son, it does hurt when you are having a baby. But you know it must not have hurt as bad as you imagine because your mom did give birth to all four of your sisters and your sister, Holly, is going to have another baby soon.”

He looks at me a for a few moments…“It still hurt. Didn’t it?”

Mom: “It did.”

Daniel: “Each time.”

Mom: “It did.”

Daniel: “I’m glad that I decided to be a boy when I was born.”

Mom: “Me too, son.”