the boy who lives

On the wonderful day that he FINALLY was discharged from the NICU (only 132 days after his birthday), one of Daniel’s neonatologists, Dr. Bindya Singh noticed the unique birthmark on his forehead. “It looks like a lightning bolt.”, she observed.

I was aware of the stork bite mark on his forehead but I never really noticed its shape until Bindy pointed it out. “I’ll be darned. It looks just like a lightning bolt.

Perhaps he is a wizard, just like Harry Potter. Wouldn’t that be amazing? A wizard living with a family of Muggles just like Harry.”

Well except for the fact that he won’t be living in a cupboard under the stairs.

We both laugh. Bindy and I both had children who were deep in the Harry Potter books and anxiously waiting for the next Harry Potter movie to open later that year. Of course we were well versed in the story of The Boy Who Lived. We could only imagine what adventures this baby boy of mine would have. One thing was clear they would be incredible…one could expect no less for such an extraordinary baby.

The years have blurred past us all. My wizard boy has grown so much. The mark on his forehead has faded and is barely perceptible except to his mother who can still see the faint reminder. He has watched every Harry Potter movie and is just beginning to scratch the surface of the very first book. Tonight and tomorrow my children who have literally grown up with the young actors who breathed life into the characters of Harry and his friends will be watching the final chapter of Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts. But the adventure continues as it will for Daniel, the boy who lives.


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    • so much is explained now by your comment. love that you hang out with a muggle like me.

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