the best of lifetography


Is that even a word?

Of course it is…well at least it should be.

I heard this word for the first time at the Snapfish sponsored Memory Keepers Roundtable where I got to hear Laurie of Laurie Writes and Amanda of Parenting by Dummies talk about women as memory keepers. Both women are professional photographers and also the memory keepers of the loved ones in their life.  As Laurie said at the beginning of the session, “I have at least one camera wherever I go and whatever happens is fair game.” I liked that because that is pretty much me and my approach to recording the life that goes on around me. My kids don’t refer to me at the mamarazzi (with the appropriate eye roll and heavy sigh) for nothing.That’s just me. I have a camera and I (sort of) know how to use it and I do…all the time.  I basically take a million pictures and get lucky, sometimes really lucky with maybe five shots…five shots here and there that capture how I see this circus life of mine. Lucky for me the subjects I point my camera at are so gorgeous!.

Much of what Amanda and Laurie had to say about managing the hundreds or thousands or five images we take I am already doing. Hurray for me! I’m doing something right!

  • delete images before you upload to your computer
  • it really is okay to delete a picture of your child…nothing bad will happen to the child if you do…at least nothing has ever happened to mine. The worst that has happened here under the Big Top is when I have taken pictures of boyfriends in the past…the boy seems to disappear when I “steal” their image. That is why I am not allowed to photograph boys my daughters might be dating until the daughter gives me permission. According to Holly, I am responsible for at least five boys disappearing. Obviously it worked out for her, I mean her husband is pretty awesome.
  • change the image file names immediately. Giving the images a name like “zoo” or “1st day of school” or “Hazel” makes it easy for you to sort through them, file them…manage them.
  • after you name the images put them in specifically named folders. It’s up you how you file your images. Me, I have folders named by the month and year and sometimes a special occasion. It works for me. You might find a filing system that works way better for you. Do it. file those pictures!
  • back them up!!! I back mine up uploading them to Flickr, Shutterfly and (because I received a coupon) Snapfish as well as using an external hard drive. I also print my images and put them into scrapbooks…although I am a few years behind on that endeavor because I seem to take too many pictures. However you choose to do it BACK UP your images. Anyone who has lost images forever in a dead computer will tell you the same thing. Back those babies up!
  • Include yourself. Years from now my kids and grandbabies aren’t going to care that my hair was a mess or I didn’t have makeup on or I was a few pounds too heavy when they look at pictures of me. They are going to care that I am in the photo books I make. This is hard for me. I really don’t care for how I look on camera. I am almost always the one behind the camera. But I am trying to get better at this…trying.
  • Relax and just shoot. Sometimes the very best pictures of your family or events in your life will come when you are doing just that.

This shot was taken on a whim. Daniel was showing off a bowtie he bought that day and I was lucky enough to get what ended up being a perfect shot. At least perfect enough to be included in the first edition of Snapfish/BlogHer Best of Blogs book.

This book.

Right there.

It was kind of humbling to be included with some pretty amazing, crazy talented bloggers/photographers like Surrender Dorothy, An Authentic Life, Mommymandy, Super Heros and Stilettos, LaurieWrites, Nerdy Apple Bottom, Always Expect Moore, Kidneys and Eyes, Angie Pangie, Surviving A Teacher’s Salary, Sewplicity, Brownie Bites, The Muddy Truth, My Brown Newfies, Best of This Life, I Live In A Frying Pan, Songs Kate Sang, Mommybytes, Stop Drop and BlogGrasping for Objectivity, Sauce & Sensibility, Creating Motherhood, Le Franco Phoney, Our Old Southern House, The Not-So-Secret Life of a Super Mama, Geeky Gadget Girl, Merely Marie, Momma Hen’s Coop

Even more humbling and flattering was to hang out with some of these talented people and sign our books at the Snapfish booth in the BlogHer Expo.

I think I wrote my name a thousand times…not really. But it sure did feel like I did when I got done. Still, what an honor…I’m in a book…look at me, I’m in a book.