BEWARE of the red-headed sperm!

By now most have heard the news of the world’s largest sperm bank turning away donors who just so happen to be redheads. At first glance when I read this story I did gasp in disbelief. I mean, I’m a ginger…what’s not to love about me?


But it also initially disturbed me because of a theory circulating a few years back that redheads were doomed to soon be extinct. But then , thankfully, common sense prevailed.

Yes, we gingers are rare.

We do kind of stand out in the crowd and not just because of our fiery crown. Thomas Jefferson, Gen. George Custer, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth I, Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Darwin, Shaun White, Prince Harry, Conan O’Brien, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon, Christina Hendricks and Nicole Kidman are just a few who come to mind.

True, the red hair is considered to be a recessive trait floating around in the gene pool but then I look at my own family.

In spite of my darling husband’s olive tone complexion and the dark brown hair that he once had, ginger, strawberry blonde and blonde prevailed. Quoting the words of the doctor who delivered these babies, “Go figure! You must have some powerful DNA!”

I do.

It is some pretty powerful stuff. Hazel’s Baby-Daddy was very surprised to realize that.

The very first time he held Hazel and beheld her strawberry-blonde fuzzy head he questioned how could she be so fair if her father had black hair and dark brown eyes. It’s a mystery, I agreed with him. Then I asked him if he ever really took a good look at Bill, Holly and the rest of this circus. Realization slowly came across his face.  Of course two years later he still needed a paternity test to verify the fact that yes he was the Baby-Daddy but the ginger DNA somehow beat out his and helped to create a most delightful, blue-eyed, strawberry-blonde hair child.

What’s not to love about her?

So in spite of Cryos’ decision to turn away ginger donors, we redheads will continue to prevail and thrive. We might represent 1-2% of the world’s human population but we are a a strong lot.

Ginger Power Forever!


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