of milkshakes, Barry Bonds and growing

So whose doctor ordered an ice cream milkshake every night before bedtime?

This guy’s doctor!


It would seem that his growth has plateaued again…not that he has ever had phenomenal growth much less normal growth spurts. But after a thorough exam today by Daniel’s endocrinologist it was clear that it is time to do something about his growth, er, non-growth. Before his lack of growth and weight gain was plotted on the growth chart (the growth chart with growth curves that he has never been plotted onto because they don’t plot -25%ile) we were already on board with Human Growth Hormone Therapy for our son.

People, Barry Bonds used this stuff and his feet grew THREE SIZES!!! A grown-assed man! His grown-assed man feet grew! Hey, it worked for Barry how could it not help our little guy out.

So yes, we went in to his visit today at Children’s Hospital Central California revealed that our boy is not growing much at all. Three months shy of his 10th birthday he weighs only 42 pounds and is 44 inches tall. He’s going to be ten. If he was following a normal growth curve for his age and based on his genetic and familial history he should be at the very least 10 inches taller than that. His doctors are concerned. We have always been stressed, worried and concerned about it. And this last school year it became a psycho-social issue for him. So as his doctor began to present to us to consider HGH therapy, I interrupted and told her that we had already decided to ask if he can go ahead and move forward with this.

Of course it isn’t easy-peasy…of course not.

It is an expensive drug and can sometimes be difficult to get insurance to cover the cost of the therapy. In other words we have a number of hoops to jump through. First up will be a Growth Hormone Stimulation Test which will be a 4 hour procedure in the ambulatory surgery center at Children’s. Hopefully in the next week or so we will have that scheduled and so will begin another adventure for Daniel…which will likely involve some frequent back and forth driving to Children’s for us…oh joy! At least we will enjoy a lot of mother-son bonding while driving back and forth.

In the meantime, although Daniel has a very healthy, normal 9-10 year old boy appetite, the doctor wants us to try and boost his caloric intake some more and so he gets to have an ice cream milkshake every night before bedtime…doctor’s orders.


3 thoughts on “of milkshakes, Barry Bonds and growing

  1. He’s so handsome. And while I know it is you that he’s looking at over that shake, I can totally picture this as his ‘date face.’ Best of luck with the HGH!

  2. With a cherry on top! You really are the best mom.
    Good luck with the HGH, as long as it doesn’t take away “the smoulder” I think it will be worth it. đŸ˜‰

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