thank goodness for laundry

There is laundry, always laundry, going on this house. Even though two of my circus clowns have grown up and ran away from the circus there remains, always, laundry to be done.

Zoë, her boyfriend, their dog and laundry came home for a visit. Laundry was definitely welcomed because it costs $1.50 just to wash one load and nearly twice that to dry that load at their apartment complex. That in of itself pretty much guarantees that they are “starving students”. It takes awhile for them to do their laundry which means I get even more face time with this girl. It’s a win-win situation all around. I get to help the kids out in a small, yet big way even if I no longer have the disposable income to help them in other ways. They always visit with a mountain of laundry crammed into “Lindsay Lohan”…that sounded really wrong didn’t it? Relax, it’s a car!… It can take a whole day…or two to get all that laundry done. It really is a small price to pay for priceless time with my darling daughter #2; who lives 150 miles away from the Big Top.

Thank goodness for laundry!


2 thoughts on “thank goodness for laundry

  1. Who shows up at Christmas time with a pack on his back? It’s not Santa, it’s a son coming home from college with half a semester’s worth of laundry!

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