mischief managed

It was a great day and night of Halloween hijinks, joy and mischief.

Lumpy Space Princess announced that she is, indeed, pregnant, not just lumpy; and we were just as surprised over her announcement as we are about Jessica Simpson’s happy “surprise” announcement. But the Lumpy Space Princess one-upped Jessica because she announced that today is her last day of work…let the maternity leave commence. Whoo-hoo!!

Meanwhile, it was time to carve Hazel’s jack-o-lantern. Scary eyes and a happy smile is what she asked for.

So be it.

And while they waited for the trick treating hour, my boys made spectaacles of themselves.

While Hazel burned off some pent up energy and excitement with some heavy lifting.

At last it was time to put the costumes on and get ready!

Princess Rapunzel



And time to practice.

And pose for an awkward family portrait.

Oh yeah. Awkward!

FINALLY! It is time!

The Wizard and the Princess covered the whole neighborhood and came home with heavy bags full of treats.

Take note that the Wizard is turning 10 in two months while the Princess is only 3½ and maybe sigh heavily…I did.

Treats like these:

We tossed the Easter candy and Sister Ben took the tract for the good sister’s own personal stash…I think.

Mischief managed.

Happy Halloween/Reformation Day and Happy All Saints Day one and all!


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