a needed distraction

What kind of sick mama is happy for the distraction of a o’dark-thirty two hour drive to Children’s Hospital of Central California with her little boy tucked into the back seat wrapped up in some cozy sweats, his fleece prize fighter robe and some of his closest bed buddies?

Yeah, this mom.

Following me in the social media most know the adventure Daniel and I had today:

  • Two pokes to get an IV in Daniel’s arm. Actually two pokes for Daniel is really good. No, his nurse, Rae-Ann, is REALLY good.
  • How brave he was with the blood pressures done every 15 minutes and the blood draws done every 30 minutes.

  • The boredom of the day got to us both. We ended up spending time in the Ambulatory Treatment Unit for 5½ hours. He was very sensitive to the clonidine they gave him as part of the testing. It lowers your blood pressure and lower Daniel’s it did…lower than they wanted it to be for about two hours or so. He needed extra IV fluids and pretty close observation until his blood pressure came back up.

  • But he got by with a little help from his friends…me too. Having friends and family around me virtually really helped today. Thank you!

  • Yes, I whined about the not eating until after noon…both of us because, I mean, how rude would it be for me to sit next to him sucking down a Starbucks White Mocha or stuffing food into my face?
  • He was one HUNGRY boy! He inhaled the lunchable that I brought along as well as a slice of pepperoni pizza as big as a dinner plate and a huge rice krispie treat that I picked up from the hospital cafe.

It was a long day. An exhausting day. A day that proved to be for me a much needed distraction from all the craziness that is life with my circus clown #3. It’s going to get crazier in the next few days for sure so hurray for distractions.

We should have results of this testing in about two weeks and from there we shall see what is next for Daniel.



4 thoughts on “a needed distraction

  1. So sorry that life has been crazy lately, but I’m glad that today went well. Daniel looks like he handed it all far better than most kids his age would!

  2. So many good thoughts both of your ways. And I have to admit, I love the shots. I like documenting time in the hospital, I actually really wish I’d gotten someone who really knows how to take pictures to come in during the NICU.

    And selfishly, I was glad to read that it is down to just two sticks to get an IV started. I know it’s irrational, but I for some reason fear that Chiron will always be this hard to get an IV started. He actually has a note in his chart at our Children’s Hospital that no one other than an anesthesiologist is supposed to attempt to start an IV on him except for in emergency situations where they would apparently go into a bone or something like that (I’m not sure if that makes sense medically).

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