celebrating double digits

A couple of days ago I alluded to the fact that ten years ago that day my life, my family circus’ lives were about to change and change in a big way. It wasn’t the way we were planning…not by a long shot. No, ten years ago we were enjoying the fact that our baby girl was settled into kindergarten. Ten years ago we were perusing travel brochures and making plans to visit the ancestral family castle and town in Scarborough, England to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. Ten years ago I was ready to get back to school to study and earn more letters after my name because “Scarborough” wasn’t nearly long enough when signing my name on some teeny-tiny line…seriously, anywhere there is a signature line on any document it is a teeny-tiny line not fitting for any name more than two syllables long. I was ready to get my BSN, my MSN and my license to practice midwifery. Big changes for our family circus, big plans all falling into place January 9, 2002. Then I went to work that night and received report of a woman 24 weeks pregnant in our antepartum unit who would most likely deliver and deliver soon. As charge nurse that night I had to be ready. Well she ended up not delivering in spite of the fact I was ready. But two days later, in the wee small hours of January 11 she did deliver a 1lb 6oz, 13 inches long baby boy and I met (and held in my hands for the very first time) my son…my beautiful, amazing son.

16 days old!

And now, ten years later, Bill and I still have yet to see the Scarborough Castle. I’m still an RN…okay, an RNC in the NICU. Our family is growing up…our 4 girls and our boy, they are grown up and growing up! Today Daniel, the strongest, bravest person who has endured more pain than any other person whom I have ever known personally is TEN YEARS OLD!


I don’t think any parent of a micro-preemie, while keeping vigil over their baby every day, week, month in the NICU ever dares to imagine celebrating their baby’s tenth birthday. No, we hope, we pray, we wish with all our might that we just survive the NICU and get to take our baby home. Then we hope to survive that first scary year…and the year after that and after that…and then perhaps we start to relax maybe just a little because so much of the unknown of life with a surviving one pound baby is revealed. We hopefully have a better idea of the challenges and barriers that lay ahead for our child. We celebrate each milestone, each birthday but we are too busy still just living, surviving, working hard thriving to see that just down the road our child is fast approaching their tenth birthday…a birthday we didn’t dare to imagine celebrating and celebrating with a happy, healthy, thriving child.

one year

two years

three years

four years

five years

six years

seven years

eight years

nine years

But here we are! Ten years later, plans changed in a big way…in a better way…in the very best way for this family circus. None of us would have it any other way because we sure do love celebrating birthdays, especially big milestone birthdays.

Happy, happy birthday TEN YEAR OLD Daniel Quinn! I just love celebrating you, amazing you…every day…every year!

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12 thoughts on “celebrating double digits

  1. Plans that go astray sometimes lead to greater adventures, and that is certainly true in the case of your family. Loved looking at the pictures of the birthday boy!


    I can’t believe he was a 24 weaker! So, so amazing. I remember seeing a few when my boys where in the NICU and it was humbling. I think that to survive an early birth like that, the child must have a will like no other. Happy Birthday to your micro preemie.

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