where I believe that my son-in-law is trying to kill me

Look what my son-in-law, Ben presented to me last night.

Just a little ol’ 5K and change run that he has invited me to run with him, his mom and his younger sister…a 3.47 mile run with obstacles…


These obstacles are CRAZY! Seriously, check out the OBSTACLES!

mud pits…webs…tires…hurdles…cargo climbs…mud hills…mud slides…monkey bars…a ditch of death…crawls…log jams…a few “mystery obstacles…and more mud pits…




How does that saying go again? That which don’t kill you can only make you stronger…well, I accepted Ben’s invitation and gift and I told him that I would see him at the finish line.

Hopefully he will wait for me.


4 thoughts on “where I believe that my son-in-law is trying to kill me

  1. My running friends enjoy the mud runs. I wouldn’t enjoy any part of it except the camaraderie and the beer they usually give you at the finish line.

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