good things even come on Mondays

It’s Monday but not your typical Monday where you hit the alarm, roll over and mutter “Damn! It’s Monday!” At least it hasn’t been here under the Big Top.

I’m still enjoying the after-glow of a birthday party thrown by my darling husband and my circus clowns…it’s not my day of birth yet…it’s coming…soon…but I do tend to make it into a week-long celebration. So yeah, I’m going to just birthday on…because I can.

My son is once again student of the week which means once again we had to create an “All About Me” poster for him to take and share with his class. Yes, that meant that Mom and Dad had homework this weekend. Still Daniel was quite proud of the poster that the three of us created. Can you believe that we made him help create his poster? We’re those kind of parents.

After some oral surgery and wearing braces for three years then a retainer for a year and then wearing more braces for two more years, Jodie is finally braces-free. She has not stopped smiling. Can you blame her?

Worth. Every. Penny.

I seriously doubt that we are done with our favorite orthodontist though. I mean there is Daniel.

It was that time again where I get to be a hero for at least three people here in the Central Valley.

It’s always a good thing when I get to donate.

But the best thing on a Monday happened this morning in a bank in Stockton.

Who wouldn’t like to pass their time in a long, slow-moving line at a bank on a Monday morning enjoying the impromptu singing of a made-up-at-that-very-moment song brought to you by Hazel? Apparently the good people of Stockton standing in said slow-moving line at a bank on a Monday morning. It seemed that they were even annoyed. They have no soul. What else could explain it?

Happy Monday!


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