gifting me

So there I was last week roaming the aisles of Target killing time before picking up Jodie from dance. I thought perhaps I would pick up something pretty (and cheap) and new to wear for my birthday…

Yes, I seem to be still talking about that because, well, because I am still talking about that.

But, alas, I really found nothing that appealed to me because I found nothing that I really needed right now. It seems that for me these days needs always beat out wants. I have lots of wants but when I ask myself do I need this I find myself putting pretty much everything back on the shelf. Plus I have to add that Target your stuff to wear on your shelves and hanging on your racks looks cheaply made and not so pretty right now. Sorry.

Anyone care to bet that Target won’t be making pitches my way anytime soon…even if I shop there all the time.

So I wandered away from the clothing, accessories and shoes aisles and found myself in the toys aisles because I haz a 10 year old boy and grandbabies. Just look what I bought for myself for my birthday.

Definitely a need!

When weighing out my wants versus needs I find that yes, I NEED this here under the Big Top. Fallon is quickly moving out of the eat, sleep, burp, sleep and cuddle stage and wants to play and be entertained. Unfortunately, we no longer have any age appropriate toys and gizmos here for her as Hazel took them all when she and mommy moved out to make a family home of their own. So this is what I bought for me…to share with Fallon when she comes to Mi-ma’s circus tent to play.

This crazy thing has so much going on…flashing lights, music, a mobile that spins around, toys to bat around and grab at, all kinds of visual  and tactile stimulation and even a support pillow for tummy time…ah, and as the box it came in proclaimed, easy access to the baby…because when considering a baby play mat purchase one must always consider the ease in accessing the baby…lying on the play mat…on the floor. For me, Fallon’s smiles, giggles and coos were enough. I made a wise choice in purchasing this.

Don’t worry, I managed to purchase a couple things just for me thanks to my Dad and generous friends. This came today.

A friend for Lola. Her name is Lyric. My darling husband thinks it is silly that Epiphanie Bags have girl names. He also doesn’t understand why I would need more than one…he just doesn’t get it.

Pssst! I would definitely entertain a pitch from Epiphanie Bags…just sayin’!

Lyric is a pretty, pretty camera bag isn’t she? She has plenty of room to carry not only my camera, a couple of lenses and my other personal stuff but she has a spot specifically meant for my iPad. How awesome is Lyric? She’ll go very nicely with this dress (thanks to another awesome generous friend) that will be making the rounds come graduation and wedding season…or if my darling husband can try to sneak away for some anniversary celebrating in spite of graduation, wedding and birthday celebrations that are conflicting with any anniversary plans we might have wanted to make.

Oh well! I have Lyric, I will soon have a beautiful, sexy new dress and I have a sweet new toy for Fallon. Life is good! Thank you Dad, Brent, Candy and Kari!