something to appreciate

I got to work last night…only for a few hours covering lunch breaks, still, I was working last night. Oh, hey, I’m working, earning money which is most excellent. I have missed the babies and my colleagues and wearing scrubs for weeks…maybe even months. I really have missed it all a lot. I really appreciate the fact that the census has picked up and instead of being cut from the schedule I am being called and asked to come in to work..a lot…compared to not at all.

I really appreciate being able to do what I am educated and trained to do.

I appreciate the ability to actually pay my bills…or at least try to catch up on them. Of course this means that I will appreciate not being called numerous times every day by said bill collectors just in case my sad financial situation has changed from two hours ago…I could have won the Mega Millions lottery you know…if I actually played the lottery…with the money that I don’t have to pay the bills.

Yeah, it is good to be working and doing what I love and do best. I’m sure my patients appreciate that.

I hope my patients appreciate the fact that I wore my hair up in a sock bun for them last night…they should…just saying.