Kicking off Spring Break, Daniel got a hair cut.

A lot of hair cut. I love his hair long but I even I have to admit it takes on a shaggy life of it’s own that can’t seem to be tamed for very long.

After consulting with her, he decided that he would like his hair like his brother-in-law’s. He really looks up to Ben…and Josh too.

But, as usual, Daniel proved to be one of Holly’s more difficult clients. Even under the skilled hands of his big sister,.there are a lot of tears, flinching and pulling away. The buzz of the clippers and the whisper of the scissors so close to his head sometimes proves to be more than his overly sensitive self can take sometimes. It tries the patience of us as well even if we understand it is the sensory processing disorder. And, as he gets older, we can easily see that it bugs the hell out of him too. But he toughed it out, with frequent breaks.

Worth it because he is so handsome! I miss the rag mop-top but yes, even I like this look. The only bummer is if he wants to keep this look he will be sitting in Holly’s chair every two to three weeks…at the salon where she works we decided because he seems to keep his self together a little better there surrounded by Holly’s co-workers.

Tomorrow he has to have two stubborn baby teeth pulled so the permanent ones already breaking through can finish breaking through and settle in where they are supposed to be. Yeah, I’m imagining the orthodontist referral will come soon after that. Considering the fact he didn’t see a dentist until he was eight years old because of his oral sensitivities and SPD you can only try to imagine how much I am freaking out about this.


But I talked a long time with the dentist…okay, I was talked down from my freaking out perch…and I think that Daniel will handle this procedure well. He has a great dentist who seems to get Daniel and his sensitivities. Plus I won’t be there due to a schedule conflict.


But his Dad will be there. Perhaps that is better. Until then, his big sister Holly better not tell him that scary slasher story about the kid in the dentist chair getting laughing gas like she did to her little sister.


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