it’s the new nice

Gas prices are outrageous. That’s pretty much what it is everywhere. Here in my neck of the woods the price is about $4.15-$4.20/gallon so when an independent station is selling gas at less than $4/gallon this past week everyone in the area is going to be lining up to fill up.

I’m there.

Of course there was a long line…and a long wait.

It is what it is…right?

Finally it is my turn. I pull up and start to fill my tank. The car ahead of me finishes up and drives off. Now the big Dodge Ram truck behind me could have tried to squeeze past me to take that open spot. After all, he was waiting in line just as long as I was. But he didn’t. The dude could wait just a little longer to fill his ginormous pick-up I guess.

But the lady in the little grey sports car couldn’t. She starts to pull in front of me facing me then slowly backs out as I look up at her. She waits. What she is waiting for I’m not sure since she is facing the wrong way in this pump line. She waits a little while longer then, just as I finish up filling my tank, she pulls in with her front bumper practically kissing my front bumper. As she gets out of her car she glances up at me and announces, “I was being nice waiting.

“Really? You’re being nice cutting in front of all these other cars waiting in line? You’re being nice blocking me in? Really?”

“You don’t have to be a bitch about it!”

That’s me…I’m the bitch. Line-jumping is the new nice and this lovely lady is the nicest one of all. Of course when one person is “nice” like that others will follow suit…notice the car behind her.

Stay classy Manteca!


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