domestically awesome

Have to say, without bragging, that I like to think I am a pretty good mom…no, not an AMAZING mom…but I am definitely a better mom than say my own Mommy Dearest. Oh I have faults. So many. Just ask my kids. Still I think I have managed to shake off most of the bad from my mom’s nurturing…or lack thereof. I like to imagine that the next generation will be even better. I’m certain they will be watching my daughter Holly raising her own children.

Still I can’t help feel guilty sometimes…like when I lose my temper…or when I struggle with my own demons…or when I watch my daughter try to sew her ribbons onto her own pointe shoes…or when I realize that I rarely have ever taken any of my children grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping?

Yes, grocery shopping.

I selfishly guarded that as my “me” time. No, really. I certainly never had me time in the bathroom or anywhere else…not when I have been juggling, raising, caring and feeding these clowns all these years. But give me an hour once a week at Safeway…HEAVEN!!! Providing for my family and giving me some quality me-time to get lost in my own thoughts…what is not to love? But at the expense of my kids not learning the art of bargain grocery shopping, meal planning, label reading…whatever! I learned on my own, they could too. Apparently they have…some of them. I guess the mommy guilt is unnecessary as it is part of the whole growing up and becoming a grown-up.

But this weekend…this weekend was pretty awesome…pretty fun. Together Holly (a very busy mom) and myself (another busy mom – duh) planned some make ahead and freeze meals for the next 2-3 weeks…thanks to Pinterest…and recipes from here and here…and went shopping.

Yeah…together at a grocery store…without any kids…HEAVEN!!!

Yeah, we talked about the fact I rarely, if ever brought my kids grocery shopping. Guess I’m not so bad after all. At least she gets it. That’s a win for sure.

Spending around what we spend for a weekly grocery shopping trip, complete with a little couponing, we got a lot. I could say she got her savings skills from her mama but I’d be lying. Together we saved quite a bit.

We piled it all on the kitchen table…

and kitchen counter and got to work chopping and doing a little cooking and putting everything into freezer bags.

Of course there was wine. Some of the recipes called for it.

Two to three hours of prep work and we had this

and this

Two freezers full of enough meals to feed everyone under the Big Top and the Jacques Love Shack for the next 3 weeks or so…


Of course we celebrated our domestic awesomeness the best way possible.

What can I say? We were hungry.

Seriously, a golden day with one of my clowns…priceless.

on my calendar

It’s the start of a new month…April already! On the calendar this week for me is all kinds of fun.

At least Katie Couric made it seem like fun.

I’m looking forward to that nap that she is promising.

This last week’s Focus 52 assignment was all about stacks and stacking it up. As you can see I have stacked up my supplies in preparation for some fun this week…except I forgot the vodka…that’s a clear liquid…right? Oh well. Head on over to Jan’s and check out the stacks.