delightful perversion

Happy Easter and Happy Passover one and all! I trust your celebrations, no matter how grand or how quiet, were as you would want them to be. For me, along with perhaps too many jelly beans and (can it be possible) too much chocolate, I enjoyed a delicious dinner that I spent the day preparing for my circus act and myself.

Broiled pineapple, mashed potatoes & leeks, biscuits & honey butter, leg of lamb Provençal all paired with a bottle of Marilyn Merlot….all so very delightful and delicious. Anyone who knows me too well perhaps gets the sick perverse joke here as I enjoy the leg of lamb with a glass of Marilyn perhaps just too much. Yes, I just might be perverse but it all was so good exorcising some old family holiday demons bite after tasty bite. And to think all these years I have been deprived of lamb…nevermore.