her view

This week’s Focus 52 assignment was all about perspective; finding a subject and shooting it from every angle one can think of – up high, down low, from the side, from the back.

Fallon, I decided, would be my subject. She’s at an age that is rather interesting to observe and enjoy. Of course any age in the lives of my circus clowns I find to be interesting to observe and enjoy at all angles. Unfortunately the others often protest, shy away, walk away and complain over the intrusion. At nearly five months of age, Fallon can’t so she becomes a very willing subject and so I sit and observe, fascinated with what is a very fascinating stage in her life.

She certainly finds it and everything around her to be so. But one really can’t quite gain her perspective, her view without seeing it actually through her eyes.

I can only imagine what she perceives through those clear, sometimes blue, sometimes grey eyes. But from this angle I can see one of the first things that delighted her…the ceiling fan, the very one that delighted her Uncle when he was a baby and her sister when she was as well.

I guess to really appreciate her view, I need to get down low, down on the carpet.

And so I do.

I imagine that she thinks her Mi-ma is a total creeper now.

Sooner, rather than later, she’ll protest like the rest of my circus when the Mamarazzi stalks her.


One thought on “her view

  1. That last one is absolutely priceless.
    I miss that age. Guess I have to wait until I’m a Mi-ma too 😉

    Thanks for linking up this week!

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