community of mud

If you aren’t a friend of mine on Facebook, you might be wondering “how did the mud run go for Laura?…did she survive?”


I was ready and especially inspired when I received my race packet.

Beer! There would be beer at the finish line. Knowing that I was even able to forgive the fact that they got my age wrong. Oh well, I will be 51 soon enough…next year.

Come Sunday I was properly hydrated and ready, really ready for this event. It had been an especially stressful week juggling life here and this run was going to be a much needed outlet of a lot of that stress and frustrations…plus there would be beer. My planned strategy was to not die of course and to blind everyone with my camouflage RunTeamSparkle running skirt (what else would a lady wear to a mud run?) and my blinding white legs. Some friends wondered if I was wearing shorts under the skirt and even dared to ask. Um, yes! My husband is the Scotsman, not I. Blinding white legs was more than enough to share.

Coated and layered up in waterproof sunscreen from head to toe, I was hoping to at least not burn out there at Dell Osso Farms. I might die from heat exhaustion but I would not burn…hopefully.

With just a little bit more stretching, warming up, hydrating and applying of sunscreen and eye black my team (Ben, his lovely mother and his sweet and super-athletic sister) was ready for our 12:30 PM start time. According to the weather app on my smart phone, it was 93° when we lined up at the start line. Ready or not for the race, we were definitely ready for the first muddy obstacle. By the time we reached the third obstacle, it was clear that this was going to be a pretty tough muddy hot run. All of us found the heat and some of the obstacles challenging but we stayed together, helped each other out, cheered each other on and promised that what happens on the mud run stays on the mud run. We were determined to finish together the four of us…even if we had to drag the body of one or two of us across the finish line. Yeah, we joked about that making comparisons to Harry Potter bringing a dead Cedric back from the maze…you know, so that he could become a sparkly vampire named Edward.

Yeah, the heat was getting to us.

Onward through the mud and obstacles we pushed through. I was really impressed with the community of people running around us. There was a lot of helping hands if you couldn’t get out of the thick mud or struggled scaling the rope ladder and there was a lot of slipping, sliding and tangling of limbs in the mud. Thank goodness we all got along and laughed…laughed a lot. It was definitely good, muddy fun.

Crossing the finish line we were covered, caked, coated with mud…everywhere…yes, everywhere…but we all were very much alive. Yes, we were survivors of the Survivor Mud Run.

Surprisingly, no one wanted to hug any of us. We were offered a banana and a bottle of near-boiling hot water along with a pretty cool medal. All of it soon became covered in mud because we all were covered in mud. It was definitely time for a shower which consisted of lots and lots of muddy people lined up on a platform standing under pipes of water flowing freely and water trucks driving by and hosing us all down. Yes, there were more helping hands and community. We are bonded…all of us…for life…I think…we were all that close!

Thank goodness my medal and racing bib washed clean. More for my collection. I really need something to hang all my race medals on…ahem…Mother’s Day is coming!!!

Nevertheless, it was a great day spent with family…covered in mud.