my ally

When it comes to young men who might be interested in my girls, I make it no secret that I am probably much more protective of my girls and their hearts than their dad. Don’t believe me? Ask Holly. Or ask those few unfortunate boys who did dare to break her heart. I’m. Not. Kidding.

No. Really.

But then again, I do give my daughters the benefit of the doubt. After all they are pretty strong, opinionated, stubborn, young women. I know a relationship with them can be…erm…well, challenging…because they’re my daughters…because they can be a lot like me…because I know I drive my darling husband crazy…a lot…all the time…for nearly thirty years. Yes, the man is a saint…a saint who still drives me to mad distraction, but still a saint. It’s then that I might advise my girls to fall in love with a guy that will treat them like their dad treats me…and them. I would advise them of that if only they would listen. Unfortunately, they can be a lot like me.

But yes, I am the one the guys must worry about if they ever break the heart of one of my girls. Ever.

Last week Jodie was invited to meet with admissions representatives from NYU. It was an invitation-only event for high school juniors who have rocked their PSAT, SAT or ACT tests. Sure Jodie is a sophomore but she still rocked the PSAT and NYU is where she wants to be…at Tisch at NYU…so of course she was all squeal-y excited about this invite. Daniel tagged along because, well, sisters and Dad were all at work so he tagged along.

The presentation was amazing, slick and shiny…with refreshments and food. Exactly what these over-achieving kids need to stir their big dreams. Yeah, I got caught up in it too…until they talked $$$. Egads! My annual salary will just barely cover the yearly tuition and housing costs…barely. I’m going to have to win the Mega Millions because there is no rich uncle anywhere. But if she were to go to there I wouldn’t have to buy a car for her. Who drives there in NYC that lives in NYC?

My mind tried to wander further down that long, winding road of (WTF!) how can we even begin to try to afford this because this was just an information gathering type meeting. We have gathered. We will sit down and discuss later. For now I had to let the girl enjoy the moment talking to a soon to be graduating senior who, surprise, went to Tisch and to the admissions rep who congratulated her on her PSAT success.

She was all shiny and happy…REALLY shiny and happy.

Perhaps that is what caught the eye of the tall, young man who came up to her to say hello. They made small talk sharing what schools they went to, what did they want to major in at NYU and other stuff. I played it cool pretending to study the glossy brochure that I was given. I’m good at that, you know….pretending to study glossy brochures while boys flirt with my daughters. Daniel, on the other hand noticed this boy right away. He looked up from his Lego Star Wars Nintendo game and studied him with narrowed eyes. He glanced over in my direction, touched my arm and gestured as if to say, “Mom! This guy! He’s talking to MY SISTER!”

I smiled at him and leaned in and whispered, “It’s okay, Buddy. He’s just saying hello.” He nodded warily and went back to watching this boy talking to his sister. I may or may not have laughed a little out loud thinking to myself that yes, I have an ally to protect my daughters’ hearts. And then I thought of my own younger brothers, who at different times did the same thing trying to protect me, my heart and my honor.

In spite of all their teasing, stinky-ness and pesky-ness, brothers rock..especially THIS brother!