overheard under the Big Top #426

NO, Mother’s Day is NOT May 6. I knew that. Why I wrote that in the first place I have no idea. But I made the necessary corrections. Mother’s Day is May 13…the day before my 29th wedding anniversary which means I better score big this year.

:::Walking through Target with Mother’s Day signs and gift ideas EVERYWHERE:::

Daniel: Mom, when’s Mother’s Day?

Mom: In two weeks. May 13.

Daniel: Oh.

Mom: I DO hope that you have already made your plans for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Daniel: I have to celebrate it?

Mom: Well, yeah…for your Mom, your Grandmom, your sister…you know, the moms in your life that you love.

:::long pause:::

:::REALLY long pause:::

Daniel: When’s Father’s Day?

stalking to the beat

A word of warning to Kent Boyd:

She’s coming! She’s coming to a weekend of dance workshops and competition near you. Did you hear the squealy, giggly screams coming from here in the Central Valley last night when it was confirmed that you would be teaching and performing at Hollywood Vibe this weekend? I would be really surprised if you didn’t hear them. She loves you, dude and has followed your career ever since Nigel got lost somewhere in the middle of Ohio trying to find your house to tell you that you were in Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance. Don’t be afraid though, Kent. She’s harmless. Really, she is. Well except for when she is burning up the dance floor in her tap routines.

Ready or not, Kent, here we come!