daily Fallon #40

Ah, nom, nom, nom…teething is a total bitch. Today I cried and screamed for over 90 minutes while with my Mi-ma. Yeah, I nearly drove her crazy. But these teething biscuits my mommy made me are the best…and they don’t make much of a mess either…even better, I smell like cinnamon and apples now. Here’s the recipe:

  • take one slice of wheat bread (or white bread if your a white bread kind of person) and cut off all the crusts.
  • smash the bread and flatten it
  • spread applesauce on it from edge to edge
  • roll it up tightly
  • spread more applesauce on the outside on the top of the roll
  • sprinkle with a little cinnamon
  • microwave for 60 to 90 seconds and let cool
  • let baby nom, nom, nom

Yeah. I’m happy.I’ll be happier once these things they call “teeth” break through and stop hurting so much. In the meantime, nom, nom, nom…ah, nom, nom, nom!!!


3 thoughts on “daily Fallon #40

  1. Wetting corners of washclothes and freezing them worked wonders with both my boys. Coated babyspoons dipped in icewater was a close second. Poor baby! Nom away!

  2. we bought those feeding bags (mesh bags) that have a handle. Some people put bananas in them. we used them with ice. Clover could gnaw on the ice without choking on it and the handle wasn’t freezing.

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