Hazel took one look at what I was wearing…a plain t-shirt and capri style yoga pants…and with an arched eye asked, “Are you going to wear THAT, Mi-ma?

Surprised, I answered back that yes I was. I wasn’t going anywhere that day save for picking up Jodie at school and taking her to work. I showered. I brushed my teeth. I put on a little bit of makeup. I was even having a fabulous hair day. So what could possibly be wrong with what I was wearing? I was spending the day caring for and playing with my grandbabies and (in my opinion) I was dressed for that kind of action…perhaps a little over-done with the makeup and perfectly blown out hair.

Hazel exhaled a sigh and suggested that I SHOULD be wearing pants, like REAL pants. So there it was. Judged by a three year old fashionista. Seriously, this has NEVER happened to me before from any of my kids…at least when they were three…to my face. Liz nailed it on the head when she commented, “They birth them so saavy these days.

They do. Indeed, they do.


4 thoughts on “judged

  1. Well, she’s right, you know. Capris are fine for lounging around the house, or working in the garden, but unless you’re actually IN Capri, you should never wear them out in public. I bet you were wearing Crocs as well. Weren’t you?

  2. I live in capris. They’re perfect for me because regular pants are too short and long ones (besides being hard to find) are too long. With capris, an inch or two doesn’t matter. I also have two pair of Crocs, although not the ugly clog type. My granddaughters do give me a hard time about them. “You think that I don’t know that those are Crocs, but I do! You’re not getting by with anything!”

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