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Daniel was back in Madera this week for another growth hormone study…finally. The first one back in November proved to be inconclusive, at least according to the insurance gods, because several samples of his blood had hemolyzed and could not be tested. Those samples that were tested proved to indicate the boy needs HGH therapy…to us, not to the insurance gods. So, after much discussion, with his endocrinologist, we decided to try the growth hormone study one more time. Last time, his blood pressure bottomed out which was just a little bit worrisome so the doc decided to eliminate one of meds usually used during the procedure and to double up his IV fluids. And so we scheduled the procedure in May a week before his usual visit with the endocrinologist so that we could go over the results and hopefully start our summer on HGH.

But life happens and we had to reschedule.

Of course the doctor doesn’t really care that life happens and made sure that I knew how disappointed she was that I let life get in the way.


I have now decided that the merry month of May this year just sucked a little too much since I couldn’t seem to make most folks happy…because apparently that is my job. So screw you May 2012. I am so glad you are over!

Moving on…

Daniel, healthy now after his phantom bronchitis, was ready this week for his Growth Hormone Study redux and we decided to make an adventure of it because…why not?! Right?!

Madera welcomed us.

But we were warned against the always fun sport of elevator jumping…darn it all to heck!

The room and the hotel itself proved to be quite the cool and relaxing respite from the hot, dusty little town of Madera. So we forgave the no jumping in the elevator rule.

Hopefully the hotel management didn’t notice the entourage we traveled with considering the room was only booked for two. Daniel is the one who got all of his friends settled in. He is such a good friend…and a friendly guy who made a few friends including a boy named Karmack from Denver on vacation here in California…

…a big black bear…

…and four of Madera’s finest.

After getting just a little bit chocolate wasted at the Black Bear Diner

and some fun in the hotel pool,

it was time to get some sleep. 7:30 AM would come pretty quick.

Just another patiently waiting patient at Children’s Hospital Central California. Have I mentioned before how much I like this place? I do. The staff…everyone there are so kind and go out of their way to make you feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed…because being in a big children’s hospital with your child is so not comfortable and relaxing. Daniel had the same nurse who remembered him well.

The test this time only took four hours with no low blood pressure issues.

Hurray for that!

And now we wait to hear whether or not the blood samples drawn every 30 minutes during the four hour long procedure are good and what the results are. But regardless of the results and whether or not the insurance gods are satisfied and agree to pay for HGH therapy, we made some memories on our little adventure in Madera.

Worth it.

Well worth it.


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  1. Your outlook is so wonderful. I love that you made an adventure out of the needed trip.
    Good Mama 🙂

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