Lindsay Lohan has come home

Actually our Lindsay, aka Firecrotch, came home a few weeks ago…when my darling daughter #2 moved to LA following love, opportunity and adventure. Crunching the numbers, she concluded that it would be cheaper for her to give up the car and rely on her bike and public transportation to get where she needs to go to so that she could focus on paying bills and saving money for, among other things, her own car. I know…in LA. But really the area where she is living, where she works and where she will be going to school it works. Have to say that I was never that sensible and responsible when I was her age. How in the world did that happen with me as her mom?

Seriously, how?

Abby is happy to have our LiLo back in the driveway and I am sure Jodie can’t wait to drive her around town….no more driving your parents’ cars, whoo-hoo!!! Lilo is quite beat up…not unlike her namesake…but she still manages to get around.

Hmmm…perhaps I should rephrase that. Or perhaps the next car my kids drive should not be named for the latest hard-partying Hollywood starlet.

Meanwhile I miss our Zoë so much. Little girl of mine, I never would have imagined you to settle yourself in LA but there you are…

…totally loving it.

I keep waiting for an image of you to pop up in Neil Kramer‘s Instagram feed because he captures so much of life in LA. Yeah, I know. LA is HUGE! But still, it could happen.

Can’t wait to see you two and your new place you call home this week!