the road she is taking

Here she is, my beautiful dancing child. Yes, she’s a tiny dancer…tinier than me even if she is as tall as me. But she has grown so much since she first started years ago.

Jodie wants you to know that she agreed to pose for her mamarazzi in these shots without any warmup. Oh, and relevé on pointe in the middle of a road is kind of hard…the road is uneven. I guess when standing on the tips of one’s toes one is more aware of that.

You can’t imagine how far she has come in just weeks since she put on those pointe shoes for the first time.

This is the road she has chosen to take. I’m guaranteed to have her here at least for the next two years but she is eager to get going on this road…to Tisch at NYU?…to AMDA?…to LA?…to New York?…to the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes?…to who knows where? One thing is for certain is she will be dancing as she heads on down somewhere down this road.

This week’s Focus 52 prompt is HIT THE ROAD.


3 thoughts on “the road she is taking

  1. Has she ever thought about trying out for So You Think You Can Dance? 😀 I hear it’s made a career for quite a few dancers.

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