Buzzing through the webs (and in the news) is the notion that parents do have favorites.

Thanks Buzz Bishop!

Actually, I believe that the reason Buzz prefers one child over the other is because of the age of the child and what he can do with the child. It is likely to be easier and more enjoyable to go on a fishing trip with a five year old rather than a two year old…if I liked fishing in the first place. Buzz goes on to point out a quote from author Jeffrey Kluger “95 percent of the parents in the world have a favorite child, and the other percent are lying.”

So do I have a favorite? Out of the five children of mine do I really have a favorite?

Well, yes. Yes I do. I have FIVE favorites.

Wait, before you call me for copping out you have to hear me out.

There’s Hollie. Hollie is my first. Hollie made me a mommy. Hollie made me grow up, even if I was absolutely certain that I was a grown up by the age of 8 because I was caring for my three younger siblings and mentally ill mother and step-dad. Someone had to prepare the meals and do the laundry and clean up the house and get good grades in school…right? But as grown up as I thought I was those sixteen years, I was really a grown up when Hollie came into my life. But that isn’t what makes Hollie my favorite. Hollie is my favorite because the girl has got balls. She has always carried herself with a sense of self confidence and bravado that pretty much put it out there that she really didn’t care what other people thought of her. Truth be told she did care. She cared a lot. She also was never as confident as she appeared on the outside. But one could never tell looking at her. That is what kept her going even when she would get knocked down or when road blocks were in her way. I can only wish that I had balls like her.

But then there is Zoë. Oh dear Zo-Zo! Zoë is my favorite because she makes me laugh. She always has and she will likely always will. Her imagination, her creative expression, her logical logic has always made me certain that she is a child from another realm put here on this planet to make people laugh and to smile. I think of all the laughter that would not be a part of my life were it not for this favorite child of mine and I am so glad that she is here…in LA. Thank goodness for FaceTime, text messaging and social media all over the webs to keep me connected to her.

Wait. Abigael is my favorite. Abby is a lot like me…but then again she is not…thank goodness! What makes Abby my favorite is this girl’s ability to make friends…with everyone. I could never reach out to people the way that she does. I wish that I could. But then again, I don’t have a magical smile like she has, the kind of smile that draws you to her. She gets that magical smile from her dad and from her Aunt Toni. It’s a smile that I fell in love with years before she was even born. With a smile like that how could she not be my favorite.

Of course Jodie is my favorite. Jodie is a golden, sunshine-y person who always seems to have a positive, the-glass-is-overflowing kind of attitude in pretty much everything in her life. I can’t help but want to bask in that sunshine. It feels good. Even better I don’t get a sunburn like I do pretty much every time I sit out in the sun. I want to be enjoying that sunshine all the time which is why I favor her.

Come to think of it, Daniel is my favorite. How could he not be? Daniel is a hugger. As for me, I am not an overly physical affectionate person. Blame it all on my roots I guess. But this kid makes me want to hug, to feel his arms wrapped around me. My heart swells every time we cuddle and hug and I hear him hum softly with happiness. I can’t ever imagine not enjoying a hug from this child of mine which is why he is my favorite.

So there you have it, my favorite child(ren)! have some pretty amazing kids. Lucky me!

Please don’t ask me to choose a favorite grandchild.


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  1. Thank you, Laura. You just brightened my gloomy day. I loved reading about all your favorites. You certainly have a beautiful family.

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