and a heavenly host of home improvement angels sing glory, hallelujah!

Remember my grand re-painting the staircase railing project? The one that I started thirteen months ago?

The one that I was STILL working on nine months ago?

It’s done!!!

It’s finally done!

Of course it makes the fact that the walls and baseboards and doors here under the Big Top desperately need to be painted. Desperately so.

Now on to the next project. Not sure which one I will start…re-finishing a beautiful table I acquired for the dining room (Thanks Casie!), or perhaps Jodie’s room complete with a ballet barre (if she ever cleans her room!) or the kids’ bathroom, or the front door, or the rest of the doors in this house, or the walls…ALL the walls. Hopefully the next home improvement project I decide to take on will not take as long as it takes to gestate an elephant.