homecoming, all week long

It’s Homecoming Week here under the Big Top which means we share in the planning, revelry and excitement with arguably the most spirited member of the Class of 2014. There is the planning and decorating of floats for Homecoming and planning a week of costumes for the theme Sierra Gets Animated and, as a member of student leadership, planning the Homecoming Game events including reaching out to former Homecoming Kings and Queens to attend the events.

And to think we thought we’d get a break from all of this now that our cheerleader has graduated and retired From all of this.



This is a high school football town and our high school football team is having a great season.

It’s Homecoming week here, people.

Let’s get loud!!!

And kiss some llamas!


Let’s just skip kissing a llama, okay?

I have no clue how the llama fit into the PIxar-themed week of festivities.

Let’s talk football. Powder Puff Football!!!

The Juniors team, while small in numbers was strong and ready…ready to lose to the Seniors.

Wait. What?!

Jodie explains to us that the Juniors HAVE to lose to the Seniors. It’s tradition. It’s expected. Suggesting that they just play their very best and let the best team win is greeted with sighs and eye-rolls.

“Oh my god, Mom!”

But then on the field…

the better team won…

in spite of traditions and expectations…

and eye rolls and heavy sighs…

I’m thinking that the Juniors team kind of liked it too.

Tradition is good and important and all that, but the better team winning is even better.

Way better!

Congratulations Class of 2014 Powder Puff team!

Oh, and congratulations to the Varsity team for their 63-7 victory over the visitors tonight.

This week’s Focus 52 prompt was shoot what you like wherever, whenever, however, all week long.


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