oh October!

This was today in my neck of the woods this afternoon while picking up a couple of my clowns from school.


It is supposed to be Fall. It is October! I did not complain at all in September about the heat…not at all. But now it is October and I have pretty cardigans to pair with pretty tops and skinny jeans and closed toe shoes.

Come on October!

Work with me here!!

But regardless of the fact that October can’t seem to recognize that it is Fall and time for the seasons to change in my neck of the woods, one thing is changing here in California…like it or not. The CHP is cracking down on distracted driving

all distracted driving…

cell phone use


fiddling with your music playlists

or your GPS


putting on makeup

breaking up World War III amongst the kids in the back of the mom-car


anything that takes your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel for even a second.


Commence the whining, bitching and moaning over your personal liberties and the right to pursue happiness while texting, talking on the phone, eating, putting on makeup or shaving while driving is being infringed upon…



Personally I am on Team CHP on this issue. Not because we need to be policed on common sense issues but because we do need to be because we all believe such things apply to everyone…everyone but us because we CAN multi-task and drive a car safely…even if statistics and traffic studies and road tests prove other wise. I thought so eleven years ago until I reached down on the floor of my mom-car next to my feet to retrieve a toy one of my much younger clowns tossed…

and crashed my car into a pole while driving only 20 miles per hour.

I totaled my car.

I scared my kids.

I cracked two ribs.

I was distracted for but a blink of an eye and as an expert juggling mom I am a multi-tasker goddess.


But you still have an issue with the CHP policing what you can or can not do safely while driving a car. Lets not even consider the mayhem caused on the road by distracted driving or the tragedy…because that would NEVER be you. How about the hefty fine…and the points on your driving record?


Just suck it up and obey the law.




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  1. I’m with you on this Laura! I also crashed our VW some years back and I only looked away for a split second, cannot imagine trying drive and text!

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