how do you mend a broken heart

Zoë called me this morning.

Yeah! I love hearing her voice.

I answer the phone and I am greeted with sobs…choking, gasping sobs.

Oh dear. I wish she didn’t live so far from me. She needs me and I am here, under the Big Top and she is down in LA.

She continues to cry and sob over the phone because her best friend, her very first friend was attacked by her puppy.

Oh dear…


Yes, I started to cry too because I know what this little Puffalump means to my daughter. I know of all the adventures and misadventures and close calls these two have been through. I know that know matter how grown up and independent she might be, sometimes she needs Squishy.

Here’s where I wish that Mommy Dearest had had the patience to teach me how to sew; or perhaps I had actually paid attention in Home Ec back in 8th grade and not let Mommy Dearest just take over my little sewing projects and do them for me.

Can she be fixed?


I just want to make this all better for Zoë because Squishy is so much more than an old, stuffed toy.



4 thoughts on “how do you mend a broken heart

  1. Oh, the hazards of having a puppy. I was able to keep my version of Squishy away from mine but I lost many other beloved items in the growth process. Maybe you could search Etsy for someone who makes similar items and ask that person if Squishy can be restored…for a price.

  2. It is pretty messed up, but it looks like it might be salvageable. It’s is hard to really tell from the pictures. I have a quilt my mother made me and my daughters dog tore it up flapping in the breeze on the line. We had hung it out after Washing it. I have kept it thinking I would try to repair it. It is still packed in the garage!

  3. You’ll need some extra material…most fabric stores have parachute material…probably just need a 12 in x 12 inch square…and maybe some extra stuffing…it will have to hand sewn with some small stitches…fold the new material over about 1/4 to 1/2 inch underneath, and pin it over the back, and stitch away. The front looks like you could just sew the gashes shut….

  4. I have no words of advice, although I think Ann is on the right track. Squishy will never be the same, but it does look like she could be mended with love, and have a few new scars. I just know that this is my biggest fear. That something will happen to Trey, the once-upon-a-time green triceratops that is my four-year-old son’s best friend in the universe.

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