daily Fallon #72

FYI people…nobody but Baby puts Baby in the corner.

Remember that!


2 thoughts on “daily Fallon #72

  1. What a terrible expression on that adorable babies face! I hate to say what it looks like she’s saying! Hahaha

    • Donna,
      You need to know that this is a CLASSIC Scarborough family expression seen on the babies Bill, his brother Mike, his sister Toni and sister Teri as well as Hollie, ZoĆ«, Abby and Jodie…even Daniel was known to scrunch up his face like that as a baby and Hazel…Hazel took this classic Scarborough face and made it an art form all of her very own. Clearly she has taught her baby sister, Fallon how to scrunch up her face in defiant awesomeness as well.

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