gormless, dunderheaded doofuses and other people like Ann Coulter

She’s at it again.

Oh dear, what makes Ann Coulter so certain that her brand of ignorant, insulting language makes her a pundit with any validity? Even a polemicist, like herself doesn’t really need to resort to schoolyard bully talk in order to stir the pot, as she likes to say…especially a Cornell University and University of Michigan Law School educated person like herself. Come on Ann, you can do better than that…can’t you? But perhaps you can’t. Perhaps you are exactly what your language usage suggest. Perhaps you are nothing but a bully…a mean girl just like Regina George!

This isn’t the first time you called someone, or a lot of people retards…because you aren’t creative enough to come up with a better descriptive adjective.

No, you said it before,

and again.

You’ve got big balls, Ann. I’ll give you that. But you don’t have big enough balls to apologize even when another parent called you out for this unacceptable hate speech. At least not as big as Rahm Emanuel’s or President Obama’s when they apologized for their insensitive gaffes. Or perhaps it is that Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Obama have hearts and souls.

I could try to impress upon you just how hurtful your sneers are to a community of people who aren’t always able to articulate just that…a community of people that include people who do vote….alongside their friends, teachers, therapists and loved ones who are able to call you out on your bully behavior. Yes, I could try. But clearly you are one bully who can’t and won’t change. Still, I will say to you and other shameful, gormless, dunderheaded doofuses like you to stop it. Just stop it. Sit down for five minutes and check out a thesaurus for possibilities that will better get your point (if you even really have one) across.


6 thoughts on “gormless, dunderheaded doofuses and other people like Ann Coulter

  1. Can’t disagree with that. Though Romney was being nice for sure; likely aware a fight over “lies” in the aftermath of Benghazi (even if true) at this point cannot be proven. As well, Ann just lowered herself (almost) to the level of those she criticizes for being “hapless fools” IE – Eva Longoria. What a goon!

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  3. YES. Exactly.

    God, she makes me mad. She is a terrible person and I doubt a thesaurus will help her. I don’t think people like her have a point – except to insult and infuriate others.

  4. Witness Ann Coulter’s desperate, grasping attempts to garner some media attention, long after she has ceased to be even in the same ballpark as relevant. As she slips even further into obscurity we can expect her to bust out the ‘N’ word next.

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