lining up

There is a bit of homeostasis here under the Big Top…yes, even amidst the chaos that is our family circus life.

Zoë is home for a visit this weekend!

And so I have all of my beautiful clowns here under one roof…or at least under this roof and the roof across the street from us.  Yes, I am so unbelievably happy right now. All of my babies are here!

So I begin to make plans like any good mamarazzi would. I propose we get a picture of all my children together. Easy. Yes, it should be easy. But these are MY clowns we are talking about. Looking at work schedules and school schedules and nap schedules and just schedules in general I suggest Friday afternoon. The light is perfect and they all have time to be pretty so why not? Well, except someone has to be at a Spookfest event.


No, Zoë has to go home…BOO!


Hollie works. Zoë is hoping to meet up with her best friend. Daniel has Tae Kwon Do. Jodie has…well, Jodie is busy and it will be a thriller say around 10:30 AM at Bass Pro Shop and 12:30 PM at Dell Osso Farms…just saying. Oh and Mom and Dad have a costume ball…we have costumes…OMG, we will be awesome!

Something tells me this simple family picture isn’t going to happen.

But wait!

It has to happen! I mean the last time I managed to get my beautiful clowns together for a picture Hollie had just given birth to Fallon.

We have to get this picture…for Hollie…for America…for Mom…for apple pie! Today, this afternoon has to be, must be the day because we are all here!!!

Oh dear lord, why has getting a simple picture  of my beautiful children become so damn hard?

Because my beautiful babies have grown up and are growing up so much…much too fast…and they are busy making adventures of their very own. Thankfully, they are willing occasionally to line up and strike a pose for their mamarazzi…when they are together in one place…with ample warning and preparation!

This week’s Focus 52 prompt is ALL IN A ROW and here they are, my beautiful babies lined up all in a row!


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  1. I’m so glad you were able to coordinate it. This is a wonderful photo, definitely something to treasure. And I love how you have them all in a row. 🙂

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