daily Fallon #74

She’s either overwhelmingly frustrated with the fact that her Mima has slacked off in a big time way with the Daily Fallon or she is loving the fresh scent of the newly cleaned carpet or she is absolutely OVER all the campaigning, campaign ads and pundits opinions…or perhaps it is all three that has brought Fallon to her knees planting her face into the carpet.

Personally for me, and I am willing to bet almost everyone else, this long, tortuous road to Election Day wore me out. I agree with Tom Brokaw, this process is much too lengthy. Our long national nightmare is indeed almost over.

Thank gawd!!!

Hang in there Fallon. Mommy, Papa, Mima and your Aunties have all voted with your best interests in mind and soon, very soon it will be over…until the next Presidential campaign which will likely fire up again in 2014. Yee!!!


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