daylight savings, disaster planning and relief, and elections, you know, the usual thoughts in my head

Typical Monday here under the Big Top, everyone is back to work and school but, thanks to falling back on hour early Sunday morning, everyone is dragging just a little. Gain an hour, lose an hour, whatever it is it seems that for the following week or so we are just dragging our butts trying to adjust to the time change. At least that is what my circus family can blame it on this week. Me, I could just as easily say it is because I was working nights this weekend, like I usually do, and here I am today trying to re-set my clock back to a daytime person.

I usually avoid working the weekend of Daylight Savings in the Fall and the Spring like the plague when I can. Losing or gaining an hour while at work is just too much for someone like me. Don’t believe me? Well there I was at 0159 Sunday morning minding my own business and calculating intake volumes versus output volumes of one of my patients. I know that it was 0159 because I glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost two o’clock.

But a minute later and BAM!

It’s one o’clock in the morning AGAIN! It’s as if that last hour NEVER HAPPENED. The rest of you were all sleeping soundly and I was forced to repeat an hour. And yet I still remained an hour older. It’s just not fair.

But you know what is awesome, like really awesome? The NICU staff of NYU’s Langone Medical Center. By now you heard of their emergency evacuation twenty of the tiniest of patients, dependent on ventilators breathing for them down nine flights of stairs in the darkness. I personally believe I am fortunate to have the most amazing job ever but moments like this serve to remind just how amazing NICU nurses can be and are. I get to say that I am part of a unique group of heroic rock stars.


Nurses like my doppelganger, Margot Condon. I can only try to imagine what she and her colleagues were going through. Years ago, I was working in a unit that also lost power and suffered generator failure for a length of time. While we had no superstorm pounding down upon us or negotiating nine flights of stairs in the darkness to contend with, it certainly was a harrowing time keeping tiny babies warm while hand-bagging them waiting for what seemed to be an endless eternity for the power to come back on. But we did because that is what we do. We certainly don’t work under such circumstances every day or night…thank god! But we do plan and prepare for yes, such events and scenarios like what happened last week in New York. I just came back from such a meeting in my own unit. Yes, we all were very inspired by our colleagues back East. You all are indeed heroes!

Speaking of Superstorm Sandy, local Central Valley folks, our dance studio is hooked up with another on the East Coast that is preparing to bring relief and help to the victims of Staten Island. From now until Friday we are collecting and preparing to ship some of the basics to be distributed to those who have lost everything. We are collecting any donations of the following items (new please):
Work gloves
Baby clothes
Disposable diapers
Phone chargers
Power strips
Small riding luggage
Cat sand
Dog treats
Blankets for animals
Fresh pillows
If you live here in the Central Valley and would like to help out this collection effort leave a comment here or contact Dance Stars at 456-7373 for further details.

Imagining my own family in such dire straits with just the clothes on our backs, how could I not make a Target run. I wish there was more to give from us but I hope that this will help a family not unlike our own.

Then there is tomorrow’s election. God only knows the outcome of this one, unless you believe the Redskins Rule or the World Series Rule or the hundreds of different polls. Regardless, get out and vote because this is factoring out to be one of those elections where every single vote will count. We voted last week

For Abby it was the first time. If only all of us voting could then filter out the vomiting of political ads EVERYWHERE…if only…maybe the next Presidential election…if only. Until then, if you haven’t already, get out and exercise your right as an American citizen and vote no matter what the weather is or how long you have to stand in line…people died just so you could enjoy this right.


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  1. Down here on the Texas coast we have hurricanes fairly often, and I am always impressed by those who brave the storm to keep our sick and elderly safe. Also neighbors and strangers pitch in to help those in need. It’s enough to renew your faith in human nature. And, yes, I voted!

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