exercising my right

This morning I received what had to be the best pic-message of the day.

We just voted!

Aren’t they just adorable? They are. I am so proud that my kids that can do vote. I am also proud that my kids that can’t vote yet care about this election…and definitely have very strong opinions of who they think should be elected President. Even Hazel had an opinion as she told me who she voted for this morning when she went with Hollie to the polling place.

I already voted by mail but still today I exercised my right…

kind of…

sort of.

Today I scheduled my annual mammogram and for fun added my very first bone density scan…hurray, I am a tall, white, menopausal woman with a family history of osteoporosis!!! So when it came time to schedule getting my boobs smashed and my spine scanned, I decided to schedule it on Election Day because I, as a woman, am glad that I can make my own informed decisions about my healthcare without some grumpy, middle-aged men deciding for me. Yes, I know I am no longer a woman of child-bearing age so really some of their crazy-assed ideas and proposals don’t affect me. But they could affect my daughters…the four of them…and my granddaughters. So today for my girls I did this.

Oh, I did it for me too because it is that important.

Plus the added incentive of wearing this sweet fashion statement. How could I not do this? This “cape” is almost as awesome as all the “I Voted” stickers friends and family are sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…almost. Did you know that you can’t take a picture of you having mammogram? Well, at least not at Doctors Hospital Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

It’s all good because you can take a picture of your clothes hanging on a hook while you are wearing your sweet little cape (note objects may appear much larger in this photo than they actually are…trust me). I know it is a cape and all but I have to say I certainly didn’t feel super wearing it; or perhaps it was the two metal plates squeezing and flattening my breast and pectoral muscle tissue that made me feel less than super.

Isn’t it great being a girl?!

Oh well. Have to say the bone density scan was so much easier. Just FYI, remember to remove body piercings that might show up …AHEM!


7 thoughts on “exercising my right

  1. Mine is next week in honor of Veteren’s Day
    …..Day off work so I filled it up with medical appointments.

  2. Thumbs up Laura! I also have a heritage of osteoporosis, so when my scan came back and the doctor said ” you have good bones!” I was thankful for all the aerobics I did for years and the wt bearing exercises. We are proud to have control of our bodies and thankful we did not regress 50 years!
    We work the polls every election and were so proud to see the turnout of voters! The most we have ever seen in the years we have been doing the elections!

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