a new belt

Our boy is growing! He has grown so much of late that it is time for a new belt.

After months of practice and a week of study and preparation, it is time for him to take his blue belt test. Anyone who might have seen him at Tae Kwon Do, oh say six months ago, would not recognize him as he practices now.

So determined.

So focused.


Oh hey! Hi there dirty window!


Seriously, don’t you hate that at kids’ sporting events, or dance recitals, or school plays or anywhere else people do THIS…without even a glance backwards to notice that there are people behind them who now can’t see a thing except their body? Honestly! What is wrong with people? She seemed genuinely surprised over the notion of her standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND SEVERAL OTHER PARENTS was blocking our view.


Sorry. That is a major pet peeve of mine. Where was I? Oh yeah…So determined. So focused.

So strong.

Watching him say goodbye to his old belt and then hello to his new belt, I couldn’t help but recall how far he come in just three short years…three years to this very day!

From a white belt…

to earning his blue belt.

Way to go Tae Kwon Dan!