today’s lesson

From the neighbors across the street…yeah, the neighbors who happen to be my daughter, her darling husband and their small children:

And now a public service announcement from your local cat owner:
If you see a cat who is well groomed and a healthy weight hanging outside often, chances are, he is a loved family pet who is allowed to play outdoors Don’t just assume you can put a cheetah print collar on him and make him yours.
And when you see him with a more gender appropriate collar and name tag later on, beating down our door and rudely demanding your collar back doesn’t have you coming across as a very friendly neighbor.

…The more you know….

Or, in the words of one of Hollie’s friends, “What the actual real life fuck?!

yes, that happened today in our neck of the woods.

You know, I could see an animal-loving person feeding the random cat that wanders around the neighborhood. I can. But looking at Hazel’s and Fallon’s pet, Bagheera, here it is clear that he is a well cared for cat. He is very much loved too. So you are still going to claim him for yourself? Perhaps if you got to know your new neighbors you might discover that this beautiful cat belongs to two small children. Okay, maybe you honestly had no idea and assumed he was a stray or abandoned.


And you want your cheetah print collar back…you know for the next cat you happen to claim.

I guess I could see that too…if I liked cheetah print on EVERYTHING.

So you march yourself over to the new neighbors house, introduce yourself. Tell them how you have been getting to know Bagheera and what a delightful, silly, friendly kitty he is and, oops, you thought that he was a stray so you bought him an adorable collar and have been feeding him. You could apologize for the misunderstanding and then politely ask to have the cheetah print collar back.

You could…

if you were a polite, civilized human being.

Hopefully, today, dear neighbor, you have learned a lesson.


4 thoughts on “today’s lesson

  1. Or how about you stop tying little notes to their collar stating “you think they’re hungry because every time you feed him he eats” wow a cat that eats when you feed it go figure, keep your damn little notes he is obviously not starving hell he’s actually overweight.

  2. My first reaction was pretty much what Holly’s friend said, and then “what a lovely cat”! I’ve always had a particular fancy for black cats (and cats in general), but if I know (s)he’s obviously well cared for I wouldn’t have the gumption to claim it as mine….some people are just thoughtless. I would say hello, give kitty a scratch if they showed interest, and then let them come back as they pleased. Not rocket science, and everyone’s happy!

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