daily Fallon #76

Ever since Daniel was a baby and we were told that he was profoundly hearing impaired, we tried to learn ASL and we failed…BIG TIME. I’m not sure why it was such a struggle for us all, but it was. It was all good. The hearing tests performed on Daniel in the NICU were WRONG. I already knew that because the baby did need to be quiet and ideally sleeping during the test. Daniel was SCREAMING and the tech was vigorously patting his bottom hoping to calm him. Of course the tech blew me off when I questioned this as if I was just any mommy who would have no clue how to administer a proper ALGO or BAER hearing screen.


I was right. The kid had absolutely NO hearing loss.

Still we struggled communicating so we embraced Baby Signs…and Daniel thought we were absolutely nuts. But that has not stopped us from trying to teach Hazel..ha-ha…and now Fallon. Like Daniel and her big sister, she thinks we are all crazy signing for milk or more or done or eat…

Oh wait…”EAT?” you have something for me to eat?!?

I am all about having something yummy to eat at Mima’s house. Here you go. Now give me something to eat.