for things that are good

Daniel: You know what I am thankful for today?

Mom: No, son. What are you thankful for.

Daniel: (pausing thoughtfully) For things that are good.

Daniel: Is that okay?

Mom: That is perfect.

This year, in spite of it’s many flaws, setbacks, disappointments and tears was indeed a year full of things that are good. And with Daniel reminding us all, how could we not celebrate together and give thanks?

For FaceTime with Zoë and the laughter that filled the Big Top while my kids talked face to face. Even better, we are thankful for the times that we can be face to face. But when we can’t, thank goodness for FaceTime!

For Thanksgiving Day five mile runs and mimosas in the hot tub after.

For family.

And for birthday girls.

And neighbors.

And the first ever Scarbormedaques Thanksgiving Celebration! It was good.

Complete with deep-fried turlkey…and it is true, once you enjoy deep-fried turkey you will never want for any other kind of turkey and baked ham and fabulous stuffing and sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes and ham and teeny-tiny pies…

and brussels sprouts Caesar salad

The salad is indeed, truly delicious but a painstaking bitch to prepare if one does not have minions like Rachael Ray…I do not have minions.

But it was a feast

and a day enjoyed by all.

It was truly a day to gather together and celebrate all the things that are good and that we are all truly thankful for.

Thankfully we had someone to record the wonderful memories we all made together that day, at the very first Scarbormedaques Families Thanksgiving.

This week’s Focus 52 prompt is THANKFUL.

Every day may not be good…but there is something good in every day.


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  1. I loved seeing these! You capture love quite well, my friend.
    And don’t you just love that quote? I hope you got your download! xo

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