party monster style

Of course everyone wonders how did the little monster, Fallon, celebrate her very first birthday…besides eating deep fried turkey with the family on her birthday/Thanksgiving Day.

You party monster style…DUH!

You party surrounded by your nearest and dearest family and friends who have adored you since even before you were born.

And you have monster cakes. Cupcakes for your guests…

and your very own monster cake.

It got a little awkward what with everyone WATCHING YOU EAT YOUR CAKE.

Really awkward…

But you power through because this IS your monster party and your monster cake.

And you soon enough you find yourself enjoying it in spite of the twenty pairs of eyes watching every single bit you take because this monster cake is so good and so is the sugar high.

So good in the tummy and all over the hands and all over the face…

and in the hair too.

It’s thirsty work my friends. Messy too.

But this little monster cleans up well.