It’s December…dang, how fast 2012 has blurred by us all! I should be getting excited and all warm and glow-y with Christmas spirit but I’m not. At least not yet. But I’m trying to get in the spirit of it all…or at least join my clowns. Yesterday I bought an Advent calendar for Daniel to open every day until December 25 and he literally




His excitement makes me smile. But I still don’t feel like hauling out all the Christmas crazy to deck the halls of the Big Top. At least not yet. But I am working on it. Working hard on it. I’m doing the Runners World Holiday Run Streak again to energize me. It certainly worked last year. I’m taking those little pills I had to split and am seeing an ever so slight improvement in some of that which has been making me so physically and emotionally miserable this last year. Slight is better than none…right? I’m paying it forward in the Starbucks line. I’m forcing myself to smile at complete strangers and thank each and every store clerk and Salvation Army bell ringer that I see. I’m reaching out to a dear friend and co-worker offering to work Christmas Eve for her so she can spend what I imagine will be a bittersweet Christmas with her own family….please, oh please, powers that be approve our request.

Any moment now the joy, the excitement, the warmth and the glow of this Season will overwhelm me…any moment now.

Maybe if I did that creepy Elf on the Shelf…um, no. He reminds me too much of Pennywise. Thankfully, Daniel is just as creeped out by that Elf as I am.

Perhaps I should just suck it up and pull the holiday decorations out of storage.


For now I will take in this treasured bit of holiday goodness here in my neck of the woods.

People gasp and shake their heads with disdain and disgust of the waste and all that but the Brock Family’s annual labor of love has brought our family circus and thousands and thousands of other families great joy year after year. We have been bundling up our clowns to see this display in our town every year, often every week during December year after year since Daniel was truly our little man. It has truly become part of our holiday tradition. But then last year, after an accident, the Brock family home was dark. There was plenty of other wonderful displays to take in but it just wasn’t the same. At least we felt that way. But, thankfully, they are back this year with over 150,000 lights to brighten up the Manteca night sky and our hearts.

Daniel and I have already stopped by twice just this past week. So worth it as I enjoy his re-discovering and memories of his favorite parts of the display. So worth his smiles and exclamations of how awesome it is. He has grown up with this display every Christmas since he was almost two. I’m so glad to have him enjoy it again.

Worth it as I walk around the home mingling with so many other smiling people who quietly take it all in.

The layers upon layers of bright lights and colorful displays really do have such a positive affect on me…on my family circus…on our community…and I imagine, as they witness the crowds that have come back night after night since Thanksgiving night, on the Brock family as well.

Thank you Renee and Dale Brock and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Okay, fine! I will start hauling out the Christmas decorations and deck these halls!

This week’s Focus 52 prompt is LAYERS.


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  1. People will always shake their heads, won’t they? Bah humbug to them! LOL
    I clicked the two links you provided. What a wonderful family!
    Awesome pics, chickadee. I giggled at your last sentence – go see this week’s prompt 😉

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