lazy, lazy hypothalamus and pituitary

Look! My babies!!!

Oh my god…the cute that they are! That is my first thought when I look at this shot. Would you believe that they are five years apart in age…looking at this picture? That’s the second thought that crosses my mind. Jodie is currently the same height as I am; which is absolutely awesome because she is determined to be a Rockette someday and is now definitely tall enough.


Daniel is currently only 3 feet 9 inches tall. When Jodie and her sisters were around Daniel’s age, they were more than a foot taller than he is now! So I look at this picture and I find myself again stressing over the fact that my little boy is not…has not been growing normally….then I look at the picture on that link and really see that OH MY GOD MY BOY HAS HARDLY GROWN AT ALL IN THE LAST TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!! Of course I already know this because he hasn’t outgrown clothes and shoes and we are carefully tracking his height and weight and we see him standing next to his classmates and see just how small he is. Perhaps I think about this a lot…

all the time…

okay, not all the time but pretty often….

pretty much since he was a baby.


As an infant, it was clear that he was not growing the way that he should have been. True, he did start life out weighing only 1 pound 6 ounces, but most micro-preemies actually do catch up with their peers.


Not my son.

Of course he had some issues related to eating, or actually, not eating. But even once he had his gastrostomy tube placed and he was being stuffed and stuffed with more calories than the average healthy adult takes in, he was still not growing. There had to be another reason. So he was referred to an endocrinologist who drew his blood every three months and kept telling me that he might benefit from Human Growth Hormone therapy…maybe, maybe not. Frustrated with her indecisiveness, we stopped seeing her. But we never did stop obsessing and worrying and stressing over the fact that Daniel was not growing. Thankfully, neither did his current pediatrician, who insisted that we get another endocrinologist’s opinion. Two-plus years of trips down to Children’s Hospital Central California in Madera for exams, a growth hormone stimulation test and then, another, we have definitively proved that Daniel is not growing, has not been growing normally because of his lazy, lazy hypothalamus and pituitary gland….or as Daniel understands it to be because his hypothalamus and pituitary gland are busy playing video games instead of working.

Yes, my son said that.

He’s right.

So now we know.

And so do the insurance gods who wanted proof before they would approve human growth hormone therapy because that shit is expensive and does he, like, REALLY need this…REALLY??!!

YES, you dorky insurance gods, he DOES need human growth hormone therapy!!!


Two more tests are needed checking his thyroid and his adrenals and are to be done in the next few weeks and then we are getting this growing adventure started.


I’m excited…I’m elated…I’m relieved. Oh and I’m feeling guilty…and frustrated…and a little angry. I think of how long it took to get to this point, this diagnosis and well…oh mommy-guilt.

At least I can now obsess about something other than why is Daniel not growing.


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  1. So happy that you all have some answers and can move forward. I have followed Daniel since he was born and we “hung out” on the AOL boards. now, take a deep breath an d pat yourself on the back for a job well done and not giving up. Moms DO know best.

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