a better day thanks to sparkles

Have you ever noticed how much better things are when there is a shiny disco ball spinning and catching all kinds of sparkly light?

No really. It is better. Inspiring too. I actually had the energy (and time) to clean Daniel’s room a little and get rid of old, broken-down, forgotten toys…actually a kid like Daniel doesn’t forget any of the contents of his room including what is in the dark recesses of the toy box in the closet.

Trust me.

But with the sparkles floating through the room reflecting off the spinning disco ball on his dresser, I was confident that all would be well. I even got real industrious and re-arranged the furniture a little.

Yeah I was feeling bold because what could possibly go wrong?

It was the disco lights, I swear. They were all shiny and made me feel all sparkly.

Fortunately, for me, the disco lights had a similar affect on Daniel as he walked into his clean room and carefully inspected his Hot Wheels collection and other treasures.

“I like it! Thanks Mom!”


Then as he hugged me, he told me that he was going to go through his toys in the closet tomorrow.



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