how I beautified the planet

Twenty-six years ago today, with help from my darling husband, I did my part in making Planet Earth a more beautiful place.

Oh for goodness sakes! I am the mother of a twenty-six year old!

Yes, she did just roll her eyes and tell her mommy~dearest to stop!

Whatever, little girl!

Today I am the mother of the most gorgeous, twenty-six year old on the planet. Just doing my part to make this world a more beautiful place.

Happy birthday Hollie Austa!!!

I am so proud to say that I am your mama and partly responsible for the beauty that you grace this planet with…beauty that is outside (DUH!) and inside. You are truly an amazing, talented, wise human being and, in spite of me, a wonderful mother to my grandchildren. I love you my darling daughter.

Happy birthday baby girl!

You may now commence eye rolling.


4 thoughts on “how I beautified the planet

  1. Happy Birthday Hollie! (Good gravy, I remember when she was in high school. Where does the time go?! I feel so old…)

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