all hail the queen of everything

Christmas Day morning I was crowned by Fallon because she decided that her Baby Cinderella didn’t really need a crown.

No, she did not.

Fallon’s Mima needed to wear the pretty crown because Fallon’s Mima is the Queen…the Queen of Everything. And so I was crowned, bedhead and all and I wore it proudly. I even took a selfie of the crown resting upon my queenly head.

I should have skipped the selfie because, oh dear glob, there seems to be gray hairs upon my head…


To my darling daughter and hairdresser, Hollie Austa, I am counting more than ten…as in the less than ten individual hairs that you have come across during all the years that you have been doing my hair.


I need to get in to my darling daughter’s stylist chair soon….and definitely avoid wearing crowns and taking pictures of the top of my head…definitely.