twas the week after Christmas

Just another week, then again not. I mean it WAS the week after Christmas.

A week to enjoy a good cup of coffee. And a week to get to know your new technology.

and leave your Mommy’s alone.

A week where we enjoyed visits from baby unicorns

listening to good music

and NOT propping our dirty shoes up on the sofa.

But it wasn’t all relaxing and playing around.

We had x-rays and an MRI…planned and routine with good news…good news we have waited ten years for. Lesson learned: don’t listen to know-it-all-assholes who presume to know you and your family and the decisions you make for your family’s health and well-being better than you do….ALL the assholes!

There was time to recover from anesthesia…for the MRI.

and bad colds…and bad hair days.

Unfortunately there isn’t much one can do about the bad hair days except just power on through.

Or you just laugh about them.

Yeah, definitely laugh.

Then get back to enjoying the holidays making plans to get with your friends.

and share a little bit of cheer

and sparkle as you prepare to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to the adventures that will be 2013.

This final week of Focus 52 prompt was what we all are up to this last week of 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!

and to figure out new technology.


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