it’s not like we exchanged marriage vows

Now when I said that my word for 2013 was EMBRACE I certainly did not mean, dear 2013, to throw as much stinky crap at me as you could in the FIRST FREAKING WEEK!


Sickies, cash flow problems, cars breaking down right after the holidays creating more cash flow problems with bills due NOW, family drama and trauma, more sickies with snot…lots of snot and fevers and aches and pains and coughing and headaches, tears…a lot of tears, throw in a snooty customer service rep from a certain online retail site who points out to you after THEY cancel an order that, according to email from them, was being shipped to you, that perhaps if you had ordered the combat boots you need back in October or November when they carried a FULL AND COMPLETE inventory you would have the combat boots you desperately need for your dancer’s competition dance as if you actually had KNOWN what faux combat boots your dancer would need back before the holidays…



Seriously 2013?

It’s not like we exchanged marriage vows promising all kinds of crazy love through sickness and bad times and poor times and frustrating times…

Er…did we?

At least I don’t think we did.

You know that I am already married, right? Celebrating THIRTY YEARS with my darling husband this May.


I still intend to honor my plan to EMBRACE this year but hey, 2013, lighten up just a little bit…please. At least while I am under the influence of this Dayquil/Nyquil cocktail.

Love and hugs,



One thought on “it’s not like we exchanged marriage vows

  1. It seems when you don’t have it, everyone wants more of it! Chin up the sun is shining, “EMBRACE” the day!

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